Client loves our wall plates. we couldn't be happier!
Our Gond art Ram head and Tholu, Pattachitra wall plates find a new home. Beautifully decorated.
Our Tholu Bommalata art wall plates find a new home
Such testimonials inspire us to achieve perfection in all respects - Designs, Materials, Packaging and Customer experience to name a few. Thanks to our artist associates, we don't have to worry about artwork 🙂
Hello there, I'm very satisfied with the quality of the items and with the customer services provided. Beside that, the price of the item is affordable and the Items arrived right on time. Overall i would highly recommend it to everyone.
Ms Kasthuri Velayutham
Johor Malaysia
I have loved all the products. All exquisite and beautiful!! I will recommend all your products
Ujwala Balajee


Dokra Art – unique by process!

Ethnic to the eastern belt of India, particularly Tribal Odisha, Dokra artwork is a traditional non-ferrous metal casting modus operandi, whose origin could be traced back to the 4000-year old Indus Valley Civilization. The legendary dancing girl sculpture found in Mohenjo-Daro was prepared using the lost-wax casting technique. However implausible it may sound, artisans in

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Everything about Pattachitra painting – The art forms India loves.

The art form, Pattachitra which arises from the land of Orissa is closely knit and related to the popularly celebrated and worshipped, Lord Jagannath of Puri, an avatar of Lord Krishna. On the birthday of Lord Jagannath, the idols of the Jagannath Temple are taken for a ceremonial bath to beat the summer heat. Lakhs of

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15 fascinating art forms of India by Hasthkala Curators

India’s ironic cultural heritage and epochs of evolutionary tradition is established by the enormous variety of handicrafts made all across the country. Handicrafts mirror the cultural distinctiveness of the ethnic people who are involved in crafting it. Each piece of art work is designed meticulously and made with affection, to deliver the final interior decor

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