About Us

We, at Hasthkala Curators, are a small team of management graduates with varied experiences and specialities but one common thread which binds us is love for art. We were always enchanted by craft fairs and hand crafted products sold by artisans in India and wanted to bring online lesser known crafts and art for people to see and admire. We realised there is an impending need for contemporizing traditional Indian folk art such that it suits modern tastes and regains its lost lustre. We then thought of starting up with a small venture of our own working to create decor products which are hand painted in traditional indian folk art but at the same time they are quirky, aesthetic and modern. Thus, was born Hasthkala Curators.

Our exclusive home decor products available online are painted by artists working in Kalamkari, Tholu Bommalata, Gond, Warli, Pattachitra, Kerala Mural and Cheriyal art forms from various parts of India. We essentially make products in wood and wrought iron and then hand paint them in various folk art styles. Our range of products include wall accents as well as table decor. Each piece is hand crafted with lot of love has a piece of the artists’ soul in it. Our attempt is to create products which have an ingrained sense of happiness and beauty worthy of your love and appreciation.

Hasthkala firmly stands for Everything Handmade With Devotion and Care