Everything about Cheriyal Art form – One of the most celebrated art forms of India

India’s rich history has been charming humans around the arena whilst you recollect that age. Ancient painting of India is celebrated worldwide. One such painting style is Cheriyal Scroll painting. 

Cheriyal is a small village in Telangana. Hence you possibly can make out that this painting style finds its roots here. Cheriyal paintings have been arguably introduced to India with the resource of the usage of the Mughals withinside the 16th century. We can find out a whole lot of the impact of Kalamkari and Deccani scroll paintings in Cheriyal paintings. 

The resemblance of even the twelfth-century Kakatiya paintings can be witnessed withinside the Cheriyals especially withinside the Pillalamarri temple of Mahbubnagar, Telangana and the hill temple of Tripurantaka. 

Cherial Scrolls is a stylized version of Nakashi art with a unique local Telangana pattern. They are currently only produced in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. These scrolls are written in narrative form, similar to movies or comics, depicting stories from Indian mythology, and are closely related to Puranas and epic short stories.  Buy Cheriyal Art decor.


Scroll design incorporates an affluent record and plays an important position withinside the Asian artistic manner of life. In China, scroll artwork had been a district of the progressive traditions of the Aristocracy and therefore the courts. In India, however, the scroll portrayal became the exclusive right of the itinerant bard and the village artist, in essence, a people’s way of life in the villages.

While the cited traditions need to have notably inspired the Cheriyal scroll design and artists, the Cheriyal artwork had been and remains an amazingly near invention, odd to the Telangana area, drawing particularly on nearby traditions. It will effectively be declared that the nearby temple artwork traditions and therefore the Kalamkari manner of life across Telangana in particular, and the image artwork traditions of the Deccan and South Bharat in most popular ways had been the elemental effects that shaped and guided the artwork of scroll artwork. However, it should, in addition, be remembered that the sector of activity, issue and creative idiom of each scroll portrays that Cheriyal is odd and restricted to the village or habitant.

The earliest regarded connection is observed in Patanjali’s Mahabhashya (2d century BC). Commenting on the passage at the ancient gift in Panini’s grammar, the Ashtadhyayi (c. fifth century BC), Patanjali takes as an instance a few photograph showmen who discuss the killing of Kamsa on the palms of Krishna… There is likewise a selected point out of a photograph displaying Kamsa being dragged by way of the hair and crushed via the means of Krishna. 

The Mandhets had been the itinerant bards and performers of Andhra Pradesh whilst the Nakashis had been the artists. The Nakashis of Telangana additionally made dolls, just like the Kinnal dolls of Karnataka, further to the painted scrolls. These scrolls had been a crucial part of the sociological and cultural putting of Telangana. 

As that artwork at the moment is limited to Cheriyal village, they’re referred to as Cheriyal scrolls. In advance times, the scrolls had been a colourful backdrop to the similarly exciting oral traditions of the not unusual place humans, – the village barber, toddy tapper, washerman, leatherworker, fisherman, weaver and farmer: (Madiga, Goud, Mudiraju, Malas, Padmashali, Chakala and Mangali) the seven running and marginalised castes and groups of the village. 

Today the lengthy tales from the local mythologies are reduced short because the ordinary purchasers for the lengthy scrolls now do not exist.

The artists are compelled to conform and in recent times they paint smaller variations of the scrolls, depicting one episode or person from the ordinary tales. These are amenable to framing and can be persisted in partitions in present-day homes. Further, the colours aren’t any greater traditionally organized. While earlier, they used herbal white extracted from seashells, black from lamp soot and yellow from turmeric.


The conventional artwork shape has become an inseparable part of the career of the tale-telling, balladeer network recognised as Kaki Padagollu. They displayed the scrolls and observed through song and dance going from village to village narrating and making a song, their ballads primarily based totally on their wealthy folklore which became rooted in the Puranas and Indian Epics, enlivening many a lazy village evening.

The scroll could waft like a movie roll. It commonly turned approximately 3 toes in width and went as much as 40 – forty-five toes in length, relying upon the tail. The conventional scrolls are usually in vertical format, illustrating tales in a sequence of horizontal panels. A floral border withinside the centre separates the 2 panels, at the same time as the linear narrative is validated via a means of maintaining in each palm or postponing it from a tree or a construct and holding rolling it. Like large-sized comedian strips, every panel of the scroll depicted one part of the tale. Hence, a scroll could effortlessly have around 50 panels. The desire of episodes and iconography of every deity turned into painted, preserving in thoughts the caste for which the scroll turned into made.

Due to its unique fashion and traditional features, recent Cheriyal paintings have received the GI (Geographical Indication) label. Few of the closest artists can retain their colour through this precise technique. Showing pictures of singles (instead of solid scrolls) is said to decorate the walls.

The making of the canvas is a completely difficult procedure. The Khadi cotton is treated with a combination of starch (from rice), suddha matti (white mud), a paste of boiled tamarind seeds and gum water thrice. It has to be ensured that every coating could be very properly dried in advance when the following one is applied. Once the canvas is ready, the artists’ comedian strips the outline right away onto the canvas using a brush. The outlines are very well defined and sharply reflect the fineness and enjoyment of the craftsman. The colours are made through the manner of the artists from natural sources. Brushes are made with the hair of squirrels tied to a stick. Dolls and masks are made from wood, sawdust and tamarind paste. Masks are made notwithstanding coconut shells.

Cheriyal Paintings may be without difficulty known through the subsequent peculiarities and specific characteristics:

• Painted in bright hues, generally number one colours, with a predominance of crimson withinside the background, the artwork is characterized through the unbridled creativeness of the nearby artisans who have been now no longer restrained through the educational rigour that characterized the greater classical Tanjore painting and Mysore painting. 

• The foremost narrative is spiced up with scenes from easy rural life – Women doing chores withinside the kitchen, guys running withinside the paddy fields or boozing away in merry abandon, competition scenes, etc. are endearingly depicted.

• The costumes and settings wherein the figures are depicted are regular and replicate the way of life of Andhra, in which that artwork originated.

With converting times, the artform has additionally visible diverse changes. Nowadays, the lengthy mythological testimonies were reduced briefly as there aren’t any conventional customers for lengthy scrolls and the complete image has narrowed right down to an event. Instead of depicting the complete story, best solo events, or episodes or characters of conventional testimonies at the moment are depicted in the artwork. However, this historic artwork shape has controlled life and is inspiring human beings worldwide. Considering its cultural values and wealthy heritage, the Intellectual Property Rights Protection and Geographical Indication (GI) repute have been given to Cheriyal scroll portraiture in 2007.

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