Multi Art Forms

The Enchanting Frescoes of Bundi, Rajasthan

The artwork on the product that you currently see has been inspired by the timeless frescoes of the Bundi Palace. Bundi is a small town in the lap of the Aravali mountain ranges, close to the city of Kota in Rajasthan. It has’nt received as much attention as other places touristy places in the state such as Jaipur and Udaipur and hence, retains its rural folk character. The town is dotted with small havelis, fortresses and palaces and houses some of the most awe inspiring frescoes on the walls of the Chitrashala in the Bundi palace. Noticeably these paintings have

15 fascinating art forms of India by Hasthkala Curators

India’s ironic cultural heritage and epochs of evolutionary tradition is established by the enormous variety of handicrafts made all across the country. Handicrafts mirror the cultural distinctiveness of the ethnic people who are involved in crafting it. Each piece of art work is designed meticulously and made with affection, to deliver the final interior decor product. Through each handicraft, a deep deep-rooted story is narrated and years of tradition and cultural heritage is reflected. Traditional handicrafts of India are not just based on the culture and region, but it also portrays the change of dynamics within the country. Listed below