Brass Artefacts

At Hasthkala Curators, we can never get enough of brass and bell metal artefacts hence a section dedicated to the same. We have curated various kinds of brass and bell metal homer decor items. Brass home decor products are available in the form of table top decor, wall decor , floor decor etc. We have various shapes and sizes, mythological as well as non mythological figures. Please browse through you’ll really like flying Ganesh and entire set of Vishnu Dashavatar.

The bell metal collection in Brass section is close to our heart (also made close to our home). The tribal ‘Dokra’ art collection is made in Chhattisgarh by tribal artisans. Their figurines depict day to day life of tribals, wild animals and any thing they can imagine.

  • Hand crafted miniature brass hookah

  • Hand crafted miniature brass sewing machine

  • Hand crafted miniature brass shoe

  • Traditional deepa lakshmi aarti spoon

  • Exclusive Dhokra Art Musicians Set

  • Intricate Dhokra Art Sitting Reindeer Pair

  • Intricate Dhokra Art Baby Reindeer

  • Intricate Dhokra Art Nandi Pen Stand

  • Intricate Dhokra Art Jaali Work Pen Stand


    Intricate Dhokra Art Jaali Work Pen Stand

  • Exclusive Dhokra Art Reindeer

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    Charming tribal bride and groom pair